109 is a 41 page digitally painted graphic novelette that I wrote as my senior thesis project at Memphis College of Art. 109 is a story about the struggle between an existential journey and its antithesis fate.

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109 is the last remaining member of an Alien Race know as the the Guernican Empire. He has crash landed in LA. Unknowingly he saves the life of a prostitute as he wonders through the streets looking for help. He is injured by the attacker and is placed at the mercy of the prostitute Ofelia and her seemingly mental ill pimp David. The story continues to unfold revealing dark secrets and a prophesy of blood sacrifice and internal youth. Are all the players in the story pawns in a cruel game of fate, or do they have choices?

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Student Work – MCA

Year: 2011
Categories: Illustration, Writing, Graphic Design

Character Development, Concept art, Story Development, Script Writing, Digital Painting, Graphic Novel