What is newyear Studios?

newyear Studios is an umbrella used to publish TTRPG content, board games, card games and video games. The studio is a studio because its always on the look out for writers, programmers and artist to work with. newyear Studios has existed in some form for many years but with the success of a little Kickstarter in 2021 it was time to officially establish it as a publisher of indie gaming content of all kinds.

Something new?

Projects, Projects, Projects! newyear Studios is not short on ideas and future endeavors. Original IPs as well as content to expand existing properties that use generous 3rd party licensing such as Mörk Borg, and Mausritter.


newyear Studios strives to above all else make art. Fun art, but definitely art. With that in mind art style and subject matter are wide open. It's not fun to be pigeonholed or put in a box... so lets just make stuff we are passionate about cohesive branding be damned.

But, who are you really?

newyear Studios is owned and operated by Alex K. Barton. Just a guy that loves to draw monsters and write strange stories. You can check out his personal art portfolio here.

Something... new