Upcoming Projects

Below is a list of major projects currently in the works by newyear Studios. A more detailed list that includes many smaller projects and game jam submission projects can be found on the official newyear Studios discord channel. Click the button below to join and stay up to date!

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Anchor Point is a cosmic horror scifi survival action building TTRPG contained on a single sheet of paper. This game is a primer/setting for the Anchor System, a unique diceless class free set of rules light mechanics currently in development and testing.

This is a set of 65 double sided tarot sized playing cards containing 130 individual illustrations, stats, values, usage ideas and value information for all of the core items found on page 25 of the core Mörk Borg book. Great for reminding players what they have on hand!

This is a set of Mörk Borg compatible double sided tarot sized playing cards containing individual illustrations, stats, values, usage ideas, and lore for all of the characters, creatures, equipment items and scrolls found throughout the The Bridges of Múr and the Endless Sea campaign book.

This 200+ page Mörk Borg compatible campaign book will let players take a romp through the city of Alliáns to protect and present a new suitor to the Blood-Countess Anthelia. Coming to Kickstarter later this year

A 60+ page Mörk Borg compatible zine that lets players take on the roll of the ancient creton monks during their rise to power. Players will be sent by the early leaders of the church in Galgenbeck to investigate claims of strange otherworldly encounter to the north near the graves of Graven-Tosk.

A 60+ page Mörk Borg compatible zine that offers up a healthy helping of frozen meat, a demonic deer goddess, a cursed fjord, and some other nasty ways to die in the frozen wastes of a small corner of Kergus. newyear Studios invites Jon Hook known for his work on Call of Cthulhu, and a talented yet unknown writer from Norway, Daniel Harila to flesh out this frostbitten chunk of storytelling. Coming to Kickstarter late 2021 or early 2022.

Raccoons On Trash Planet

Raccoons On Trash Planet is a Dice-free, combat-free, TTRPG built on a unique set of mechanics. Take on the roll of a regular ol' raccoon. Well, a self aware raccoon that carries around a backpack. Collect junk, eat trash but, most importantly, chill. The title says it all. Stay tuned for more details on this one. It be the first major release of an original IP from newyear Studios. Coming to Kickstarter mid 2022.


Kur is a card driven TTRPG. A merger of card game resource management with fluid story focused roll-play. Play your part in banishment rituals, binding spells and spirit hunting. The wrestles souls and hateful gods of Kur await your attempts. Coming to Kickstarter late 2022 or early 2023